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Encrypted Chat is Here on Digital Konnect

circle Luke Vella Jul 31 2022

Exciting news in the realm of Digital Konnect.

Just this week, we have officially unveiled our chat feature that will allow users to fully connect with each other over business listings. Now, if a user views a listing that catches their interest, they will be able to send an ‘Engagement Request’ directly to the owner of that listing. Should the listing owner accept the request, the two will be able to chat directly with each other about the business listing.


Should the business owner choose to deny the engagement request, no chat will become available between the two parties. This is to prevent any potential spam messages from clogging up the inbox of business listers.


The chat between users is completely private and can be stopped at any time by either party. Once the chat has been stopped, the user will not be able to contact the business owner again. This is to prevent any harassment, or unwanted messages, from users that a business owner does not want contact from. We at Digital Konnect understand that privacy is an important issue for users and strive to uphold our beliefs about it.


Chat is an important service when dealing with the sale of, and investment in, businesses, so we are proud to declare the quality of our chat function to be the highest possible it could be.


With exciting functions like this, there is no reason not to join Digital Konnect today, and become part of the future of business trading!


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